Farfalle and Spinach

    What You Need
     3/4 cup cashew nuts  
     3/4 cup raisins
     1/2 cup boiling water
     1/2 cup olive oil
     3 or 4 cloves garlic,(minced)
     1 small bunch baby spinach( fresh and washed)
     1 Lb. farfalle pasta (bowtie pasta)
     1/4 Lb. Prosciutto( sliced into small pieces)
     Salt and pepper
     Grated Parmesan cheese ( as desired)
  Lets Make it
 Add raisins to boiling water until plump, and drain. In large frying pan, heat oil and saute garlic. Add spinach and stir, cooking until wilted. Cook farfalle according to package directions. When done, drain and place farfalle in a large bowl with nuts, raisins, spinach mixture, prosciutto, salt and pepper, and grated cheese.  Serves 4
Littluns Katie
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