Littlun Katie's Chocolate Bombs

What You’ll Need
12 Large marshmallows
2 oz. Your favorite gourmet chocolate ( or semi sweet chocolate)
1 Tbsp pistachios (chopped)
1 Tbsp Coconut (shredded)
1 Tbsp Graham crackers (crumbled)
Medium Saucepan
Let’s Make It!
In a saucepan over low heat melt the chocolate stirring occasionally, when melted remove from heat. Poke a marshmallow with a tooth pick and dip half of each marshmallow in the melted chocolate, letting the excess drip off, then sprinkle with pistachios, coconut or graham crackers.
You may serve immediately or chill in the refrigerator until firm, about 20 minutes.

Serves 6 ( 2 each)
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